Installation guideΒΆ

Two different installation options: OSSEC HIDS and Wazuh HIDS. Please read carefully below to learn the differencies between these two options since it might be key for the utilization of further items of your interest in this documentation.

OSSEC HIDS installers contain the latest stable version as stated at OSSEC project Github repository. Wazuh creates and maintains OSSEC installers for the Open Source community, and you can find the instructions on how to use them in this documentation section.

Wazuh HIDS is an OSSEC fork, that contains additional features for the OSSEC manager, such as compliance support and extended JSON logging capabilities, that allow the integration with ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) and other log management tools. As well, this installation is ready for the utilization of the Wazuh RESTful API.