XML section name


This section allows to configure the Wazuh cluster for manager synchronization.



This field specifies the name of the cluster this node belongs to.

Default value wazuh
Allowed values Any name


The name of the current node of the cluster.

Default value node01
Allowed values Any name


The role of the node.

Default value master
Allowed values master, client


Any key for encrypting the communication between nodes. It must be 32 characters long. Refer to the Wazuh cluster manual to find out how to generate a key.


This key has to be the same for all the nodes of the cluster.

Default value n/a
Allowed values Any alphanumeric string of 32 characters.


Interval between cluster synchronizations.

Default value 2m
Allowed values A positive number that should contain a suffix character indicating a time unit, such as, s (seconds), m (minutes)


Specify the port for the cluster communications.

Default value 1516
Allowed values Any port number from 1 to 65535 is allowed.


When the node has multiple network interfaces, this parameter specifies which IP address will comunicate with the cluster.

Default value
Allowed values Any valid IP address is allowed.


List to specify all the nodes that make up the cluster, using the <node> tag for each one.


This list must be the same in all managers of the cluster. For each manager, specify any of the IPs returned by the hostname --all-ip-addresses command. If not, an error will be raised.

Default value localhost
Allowed values Any valid IP address of a cluster node.


If it is set to yes, information about the cluster that generated the event won’t be included in the alert.

Default value no
Allowed values yes/no

Example of configuration