wodle name=”command”

New in version 3.1.0.

XML section name

<wodle name="command">

Configuration options of the Command wodle.


Options Allowed values
disabled yes, no
tag A descriptive name
command Command to be executed
interval A positive number (seconds)
run_on_start yes, no
ignore_output yes, no
timeout A positive number (seconds)


Disable the Command wodle.

Default value no
Allowed values yes, no


Descriptive name for the command.

Default value N/A
Allowed values Characters set


Path and arguments of the command to be executed.

Default value N/A
Allowed values An existing command


Time between commands executions.

Default value 2s
Allowed values A positive number that should contain a suffix character indicating a time unit, such as, s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days).


Run command immediately when service is started.

Default value yes
Allowed values yes, no


Ignore the command output when executed.

Default value no
Allowed values yes, no


New in version 3.2.2.

Timeout for each command to wait for the end of the execution. Whether this parameter is set to 0, it will wait indefinitely for the end of the process. However, if the timeout is other than 0, the execution will finished if it expires.

Default value n/a
Allowed values A positive number (seconds)

Centralized configuration

Remote commands may be specified in the centralized configuration, however, they are disabled by default due to security reasons.

When setting commands in a shared agent configuration, you must enable remote commands for Agent Modules.

This is enabled by adding the following line to the file etc/local_internal_options.conf in the agent:


Example of configuration

<wodle name="command">
  <command>/bin/bash /root/script.sh</command>


See the Vuls integration section for a use case of this command.