Compatibility matrix

When upgrading Wazuh there are specific compatibility requirements to take into consideration.

Wazuh central components and agents

The Wazuh central components must share the same version numbers down to the patch category for the correct operation. For example:

  • Wazuh manager 4.8.0, Wazuh indexer 4.8.0, and Wazuh dashboard 4.8.0.

  • The Wazuh indexer 4.8.0 is compatible with Filebeat-OSS 7.10.2.

The Wazuh manager version must always be newer than or equal to the Wazuh agents versions. For example:

  • Wazuh manager 4.8.0 and Wazuh agent 4.2.7

  • Wazuh manager 4.8.0 and Wazuh agent 4.8.0

The Wazuh manager is also compatible with OSSEC agents but not all capabilities are available with them.


Since Wazuh v4.6.0, we don't provide the Kibana plugin and Splunk app anymore. To integrate Wazuh with Elastic or Splunk, refer to our Integrations guide: Elastic, OpenSearch, and Splunk.