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This section explains how to configure the Wazuh cluster for manager synchronization.



Specifies the name of the cluster this node belongs to.

Default value wazuh
Allowed values Any name


Specifies the name of the current node of the cluster.


Each node of the cluster must have a unique name. If two nodes share the same name, one of them will be rejected.

Default value node01
Allowed values Any name


Specifies the role of the node.

Default value master
Allowed values master, worker


Using client as node_type in configuration is still valid but a warning message will be shown in logs.


Defines the key used to encrypt the communication between the nodes. This key must be 32 characters long. Refer to the Deploying a Wazuh cluster for information on how to generate a key.


This key must be the same for all of the nodes of the cluster.

Default value n/a
Allowed values Any alphanumeric string of 32 characters.


Deprecated since version 3.2.3.

Sets the interval between cluster synchronizations.

Default value 2m
Allowed values A positive number ending with a character that indicates a time unit, such as s (seconds) or m (minutes).


Specifies the port to use for the cluster communications.

Default value 1516
Allowed values Any port number from 1 to 65535.


Specifies which IP address will communicate with the cluster when the node has multiple network interfaces.

Default value
Allowed values Any valid IP address.


Lists all master nodes in the cluster using the <node> tag for each one.

Default value NODE_IP
Allowed values Any valid address (IP or DNS) of a cluster node.


The current cluster only allows one master node, therefore this list must have only one element. If more elements are found, the first one will be used as master and the rest will be ignored.


Toggles whether or not to show information about the cluster that generated an alert. If this is set to yes, information about the cluster that generated the event won’t be included in the alert.

Default value no
Allowed values yes, no


Toggles whether the cluster is enabled or not. If this value is set to yes, the cluster won’t start.

Default value yes
Allowed values yes, no

Sample configuration