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The labels section of ossec.conf allows additional user-defined information about agents to be included in alerts. When email notifications are enabled, this additional data is also contained in the email alerts without any further configuration.



This option specifies the additional information that will appear in alerts. Labels can be nested in JSON formatted alerts by separating the “key” terms by a period.


key The title that will describe the information of the label.
Allowed value Any string that does not start with an underscore ( _ )
hidden For labels that are hidden by default.
Default value no
Allowed value yes,no


In internal_options.conf, hidden labels can be set to be displayed in alerts.


New in version 3.9.0: Keys starting with an underscore character are reserved for the system labels. These labels are invisible and contain internal information of the agents.

Example of configuration

  <label key="aws.instance-id">i-052a1838c</label>
  <label key="aws.sec-group">sg-1103</label>
  <label key="network.ip"></label>
  <label key="network.mac">02:42:ac:11:00:02</label>
  <label key="installation" hidden="yes">January 1st, 2017</label>