Client keys file

The client.keys file stores the data used to authenticate secure agents.


UNIX systems
Folder etc inside the installation directory.
Windows agents
Installation directory.

File format

This file contains one line per each agent entry. In the case of agents, only one line is allowed, and this line must match exactly one entry in the client.keys file at manager, otherwise the agent will be rejected.

<ID> <Name> <Address> <Password>

Agent identificator number.

Allowed characters Digits only
Allowed size 3 to 8 digits
Padding 0-padded
Unique value Yes
Reserved values ID “000”

Name of the agent.

Allowed characters Alphanumeric characters, -, _ and .
Allowed size Up to 128 bytes
Unique value Yes

Allowed source address range in CIDR format. If specified, the manager will only accept the agent if its source IP matches this address.

Format CIDR. Netmask is optional.
Unique value Yes
Reserved values None
Aliases any =

String that will take part in the external message encryption.

Allowed characters Printable characters
Allowed size Up to 128 bytes
Unique value No

Void entries

Key entries can be invalidated so the related agent is considered removed: the line is discarded.

  • Line starting with # or whitespace.
  • Agent name starting with # or !.


001 server1 any bb8a28997c6c3964eacb3d32308072f6661f567a41105b2b0b09f1a82331b937
002 dbserver 363a99a6e9c9a8b6bb766d676453538e0cb20162f84b36472d99cfbef4928440
003 data2 3d263f5cc513072fe6b63ab221d1facf132918235c97f19efd9446257d16ea4a
004 !data3 any ed52060a133343dbc74474c19aaad8fb7dddd9a4b5965ebbe9edb2a73fd11a17