This is the documentation for Wazuh 3.4. Check out the docs for the latest version of Wazuh!


This is similar to the Elasticsearch role and is intended to deploy Kibana with the correct Wazuh APP version, you can customize the installation with the following:

  • elasticsearch_network_host: defines Elasticsearch node ip address (default:
  • elasticsearch_http_port: defines Elasticsearch node port (default: 9200).
  • kibana_server_host: defines Kibana listen address (default:
  • elastic_stack_version: defines Kibana version to be installed.

You can create a YAML file wazuh-kibana.yml to be used be Ansible playbook:

- hosts: kibana
    - ansible-role-kibana

You can set your custom variable definitions for different environments, for example:

  1. For production environment vars-production.yml:
elasticsearch_network_host: ''
  1. For development enviroment vars-development.yml:
elasticsearch_network_host: ''

Next, run the Ansible playbook:

$ ansible-playbook wazuh-kibana.yml -e@vars-production.yml

The example above will install Kibana and configure to use as Elasticsearch node.

Please review the references section to see all variables available for this role.