Securing the Wazuh API

By default, the communications between the Wazuh Kibana App and the Wazuh API are not encrypted. It is highly recommended that you secure the Wazuh API by following the steps below:

  1. Change the default credentials:

By default, you can access the Wazuh API by typing user "foo" and password "bar", however, you can create new credentials as follows:

# cd /var/ossec/api/configuration/auth
# node htpasswd -c user myUserName
  1. Enable HTTPS:

In order to enable HTTPS, you need to generate or provide a certificate. You can learn how to generate your own certificate or generate it automatically using the script /var/ossec/api/scripts/

  1. Bind to localhost:

If you do not need to access to the API externally, you should bind the API to localhost using the option in the configuration file /var/ossec/api/configuration/config.js.