Connect the Wazuh App with the API

In this section, we will show you how to register the Wazuh API (installed on the Wazuh server) with the Wazuh App in Kibana:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Elastic Stack server's IP address on port 5601 (default Kibana port). Then, from the left menu, go to the Wazuh App.

  1. Click on Add new API.

  1. Before filling out the fields, go to your Wazuh server and, using the command prompt as root, replace the default credentials with your desired username where myUsername is shown below to protect your Wazuh API.

# cd /var/ossec/api/configuration/auth
# node htpasswd -c user myUserName

Do not forget to restart the API to apply the changes with these commands:

# systemctl restart wazuh-api
# service wazuh-api restart
  1. Fill in the Username and Password fields with the credentials you created in the previous step. Enter http://MANAGER_IP for the URL where MANAGER_IP is the real IP address of the Wazuh server and enter "55000" for the Port.


If you have followed the Wazuh Documentation for Nginx, the URL must be set as https://localhost.

  1. Click on Save.

Next steps

Once the Wazuh and Elastic Stack servers are installed and connected, you can install and connect Wazuh agents. Follow the appropriate link below for your specific installation environment: