Checking connection with the Wazuh manager

This guide shows different ways to check the connection status between an agent and the Wazuh manager. This includes navigating the Wazuh dashboard, using the agent control utility, querying the Wazuh API, and reading the agent state file. It also contains instructions to verify the network communication between the endpoint and the server.

To learn more about installing and enrolling the Wazuh agent, see the Wazuh agent installation guide and the Agent enrollment section.

Using the Wazuh dashboard

You can check the connection status of any agent by selecting the Agents menu option of the Wazuh dashboard.

Wazuh dashboard Agents menu option

This option shows the Agents dashboard with a list of all registered agents. The list includes the connection status of each agent. The dashboard also shows a summary with the number of agents found for each possible connection status: Active, Disconnected, Pending, Never connected.

Wazuh Agents dashboard

Using the agent_control utility from the server

You can check the status of any agent remotely by using the agent_control utility found with the Wazuh server. To get the status of an agent, run the following command replacing the -i parameter with your agent ID, for example, 001.

# /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -i <YOUR_AGENT_ID> | grep Status
   Status:     Active

To list all the available agents and their status, use /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -l.

Using the Wazuh API

In addition, you can check the status of an agent by requesting to the Wazuh API the statistical information of an agent.

GET /agents/<YOUR_AGENT_ID>/stats/agent
  "data": {
    "affected_items": [
        "status": "connected",
        "last_keepalive": "2022-08-16T20:36:27Z",
        "last_ack": "2022-08-16T20:36:30Z",
        "msg_count": 1441,
        "msg_sent": 2326,
        "msg_buffer": 0,
        "buffer_enabled": true
    "total_affected_items": 1,
    "total_failed_items": 0,
    "failed_items": []
  "message": "Statistical information for each agent was successfully read",
  "error": 0

Reading the local wazuh-agentd.state file

You can read the wazuh-agentd.state file found in the endpoint to check the status of the connection. The Wazuh agent keeps reporting its connection status in this file as follows.

  • pending: Waiting for acknowledgment from the Wazuh manager about connection established.

  • disconnected: No acknowledgment signal received during the last 60 seconds or lost connection.

  • connected: Acknowledgment about connection established received from the Wazuh manager.

To check the current status and verify the connection of the agent with the manager, run the following command on the endpoint.

$ sudo grep ^status /var/ossec/var/run/wazuh-agentd.state

Checking network communication

Agent communication with the manager requires outbound connectivity from agent to manager. It uses the port 1514/TCP by default.

Use the following commands to verify if a connection to the Wazuh manager is established. The result should match the agent and manager IP addresses.

# netstat -vatunp|grep wazuh-agentd
tcp        0      0        ESTABLISHED 796/wazuh-agentd

For troubleshooting purposes, search for error or warnings in the corresponding agent log files.

  • Linux/Unix: /var/ossec/logs/ossec.log

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ossec-agent\ossec.log

  • macOS: /Library/Ossec/logs/ossec.log

To learn more, see the Troubleshooting agent enrollment section.