Listing Agents

The binary /var/ossec/bin/agent_control allows us to retrieve the list of available agents:

# /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -l
Wazuh agent_control. List of available agents:
   ID: 000, Name: vpc-ossec-manager (server), IP:, Active/Local
   ID: 1040, Name: ip-10-0-0-76, IP:, Active
   ID: 003, Name: vpc-agent-debian, IP:, Active
   ID: 005, Name: vpc-agent-ubuntu-public, IP:, Active
   ID: 006, Name: vpc-agent-windows, IP:, Active
   ID: 1024, Name: ip-10-0-0-252, IP:, Never connected
   ID: 1028, Name: vpc-debian-it, IP: any, Never connected
   ID: 1030, Name: diamorphine-POC, IP:, Active
   ID: 015, Name: vpc-agent-centos, IP:, Active
   ID: 1031, Name: WIN-UENN0U6R5SF, IP:, Never connected
   ID: 1032, Name: vpc-agent-ubuntu, IP:, Active
   ID: 1033, Name: vpc-agent-debian8, IP:, Active
   ID: 1034, Name: vpc-agent-redhat, IP:, Active
   ID: 1035, Name: vpc-agent-centos7, IP:, Never connected
   ID: 1041, Name: vpc-agent-centos-public, IP:, Active

List of agentless devices: