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This section permits include extra information about agents in their alerts. When email notifications are enabled, labeled data is sent within alerts by email without any additional configuration.



This option specifies the information that appears in alerts. It has the format key:value, which means that it is necessary to include the atribute key to work properly. Thinking in the JSON alerts, it is possible to nest labels splitting this atribute by dots.


key The title that will describe the information of the label.
Allowed value string
hidden Permits not to show the specified label by default.
Allowed value yes


In internal_options.conf there is the possibility of show hidden labels in the alerts.

Example of configuration

  <label key="aws.instance-id">i-052a1838c</label>
  <label key="aws.sec-group">sg-1103</label>
  <label key="network.ip"></label>
  <label key="network.mac">02:42:ac:11:00:02</label>
  <label key="installation" hidden="yes">January 1st, 2017</label>