This is the documentation for Wazuh 3.0. Check out the docs for the latest version of Wazuh!


Tools Descriptions Supported installations
ossec-control Manages the status of Wazuh processes manager, agent
agent-auth Adds agents to a Wazuh manager agent

Allows queries of the manager to get information about

any agent


Provides an interface to handle authentication

keys for agents

manager, agent
ossec-logtest Allows testing and verification of rules against provided log records manager
ossec-makelists Compiles cdb databases manager

Allows management of policy monitoring

and system auditing database


Provides an interface for managing the

integrity checking database

syscheck_update Updates the integrity check database manager
clear_stats Clears the events stats manager
ossec-regex Validates a regex expression manager
update_ruleset Update Decoders, Rules and Rootchecks manager Adds a file to be monitored by ossec-logcollector manager agent
verify-agent-conf Verifies the Wazuh agent.conf configuration manager
agent_groups Manages and assigns groups manager
agent_upgrade List outgraded agent and upgrade them manager
cluster_control Manages and retrieves cluster information manager