Install Wazuh agent on Windows


You will need administrator privilege to install using the next guide.

Download the Windows installer from our packages list. You can install it via:

Using the GUI

Double click on the downloaded file and follow the wizard. If unsure, leave default answers.

Once installed, the agent includes a graphical user interface that can be used to configure it, opening the log file or to start/stop the service.

By default all agent files can be found at the following location: C:\Program Files(x86)\ossec-agent.


At this point your agent is installed and you just need to register and configure it to talk to your manager. For more information about this process please visit our user manual.

Using the command line

Run the installer on a command line (the /q argument is used for unattended installations):

wazuh-agent-2.1.1-2.msi /q

You can automate the agent registration with authd using the following parameters:

Option Description
APPLICATIONFOLDER Installation path. Default C:Program Files (x86)ossec-agent.
SERVER_IP Manager IP address. Optionally accepts a list of IPs separated by commas.
SERVER_HOSTNAME Hostname from the manager. Optionally accepts a list of hostnames separated by commas.
SERVER_PORT Manager connection port.
PROTOCOL Communication protocol. Accepts UDP and TCP. Default is UDP.
AUTHD_SERVER Authd IP address.
AUTHD_PORT Authd connection port.
PASSWORD Authd password.
NOTIFY_TIME Time between manager checks.
TIME_RECONNECT Time in seconds until a reconnection attempt.
CERTIFICATE Certificate path.
AGENT_NAME Agent’s name. By default will be the computer name.
/l*v installer.log Generates a log of the installation process.

Usage example:

wazuh-agent-2.1.1-2.msi /q SERVER_IP="" AUTHD_SERVER="" PASSWORD="TopSecret" AGENT_NAME="W2012"


Unattended installations must be launched with administrator permissions.