Solaris 11 from package

You can download the Solaris11 installer (i386 architecture) or Solaris11 installer (SPARC architecture) from our packages list. The current version has been tested on Solaris 11 version 5.11. Install the agent as follows:

  1. For Solaris 11 i386:

# pkg install -g wazuh-agent_v3.13.6-sol11-i386.p5p wazuh-agent
  1. For Solaris 11 SPARC:

# pkg install -g wazuh-agent_v3.13.6-sol11-sparc.p5p wazuh-agent

If the Solaris 11 zone where you want to install the package has child zones you will need to create a repository before installing the package:

  1. For Solaris 11 i386:
    # pkg set-publisher -g wazuh-agent_v3.13.6-sol11-i386.p5p wazuh
  2. For Solaris 11 sparc:
    # pkg set-publisher -g wazuh-agent_v3.13.6-sol11-sparc.p5p wazuh

After creating the repository install the package:

# pkg install --accept wazuh-agent

Finally, remove the publisher:

# pkg unset-publisher wazuh

Now that the agent is installed, the next step is to register and configure it to communicate with the manager. For more information about this process, please visit the document: user manual.


To uninstall the agent in Solaris 11:

# pkg uninstall wazuh-agent