Installing Wazuh agent

The Wazuh agent runs on the hosts that you want to monitor. It is multi-platform and provides the following capabilities:

  • log and data collection,

  • file integrity monitoring,

  • rootkit and malware detection, and

  • security policy monitoring.

In addition, it communicates with the Wazuh manager, sending data in near real-time through an encrypted and authenticated channel.

There are several options to install a Wazuh agent, depending on the operating system and whether or not you wish to build from source. Consult the table below and choose how to proceed for a given agent:



Linux packages

Install Wazuh agents on Linux.

Windows installer

Install Wazuh agents on Windows.

Mac OS installer

Install Wazuh agents on Mac OS

Solaris installer

Install Wazuh agents on Solaris

HP-UX installer

Install Wazuh agents on HP-UX

AIX installer

Install Wazuh agents on AIX


Install Wazuh agents from source code.


Deploying agents to a large number of servers or endpoints can be easier using automation tools like Puppet, Chef, SCCM or Ansible. Consider exploring these options if you are deploying Wazuh in a larger environment.