Daemons Descriptions Supported installations
ossec-agentd Client side daemon that communicates with the server. agent
ossec-agentlessd Runs integrity checking on systems where no agent is installed manager
ossec-analysisd Receives log messages and compares them to the rules manager
ossec-authd Adds agents to the Wazuh manager manager
ossec-csyslogd Forwards Wazuh alerts via syslog manager
ossec-dbd Inserts alert logs into a database manager
ossec-execd Executes active responses manager, agent
ossec-logcollector Monitors configured files and commands for new log messages manager, agent
ossec-maild Sends Wazuh alerts via email manager
ossec-monitord Monitors agent connectivity and compresses log files manager
ossec-remoted Communicates with agents manager
ossec-reportd Creates reports from Wazuh alerts manager
ossec-syscheckd Checks configured files for security changes manager, agent
wazuh-clusterd Manages the Wazuh cluster manager manager
wazuh-modulesd Manages the Wazuh modules manager, agent
wazuh-db Manages the Wazuh database manager
ossec-integratord Allows Wazuh to connect to external APIs and alerting tools manager