This is the documentation for Wazuh 3.11. Check out the docs for the latest version of Wazuh!


Wazuh provides an automated way of building DEB packages using docker so there is no need for any other dependency.

To create an Debian package follow these steps:


  • Docker
  • Git

Download our wazuh-packages repository from GitHub and go to the debs directory.

$ git clone && cd wazuh-packages/debs

Execute the script, with the different options you desire. This script will build a Docker image with all the necessary tools to create the DEB and run a container that will build it:

# ./ -h
Usage: ./ [OPTIONS]

    -b, --branch <branch>     [Required] Select Git branch [master]. By default: master.
    -t, --target <target>     [Required] Target package to build: manager, api or agent.
    -a, --architecture <arch> [Optional] Target architecture of the package amd64 or i386. By default: amd64
    -j, --jobs <number>       [Optional] Change number of parallel jobs when compiling the manager or agent. By default: 4.
    -r, --revision <rev>      [Optional] Package revision. By default: 1.
    -s, --store <path>        [Optional] Set the directory where the package will be stored. By default, an output folder will be created.
    -p, --path <path>         [Optional] Installation path for the package. By default: /var/ossec.
    -d, --debug               [Optional] Build the binaries with debug symbols. By default: no.
    -c, --checksum <path>     [Optional] Generate checksum on the desired path (by default, if no path is specified it will be generated on the same directory than the package).
    -h, --help                Show this help.

Below, you will find some examples of how to build a DEB package.

# ./ -b v3.11.4 -s /tmp -t manager -a amd64 -r my_rev.

This will generate a 3.11.4 Wazuh manager package DEB with revision my_rev for amd64 systems.

# ./ -b v3.11.4 -s /tmp -t api -a i386 -r my_rev

This will generate a 3.11.4 Wazuh api package DEB with revision my_rev for i386 systems and store it in /tmp.

# ./ -b v3.11.4 -t agent -a amd64 -p /opt

This will generate a 3.11.4 Wazuh agent DEB package with /opt as installation directory for amd64 systems.