AIX from package

You can download the AIX installer from our packages list. You can choose installation or a deployment:

  1. Installation:

# rpm -ivh wazuh-agent-3.11.4-1.aix.ppc.rpm

With this simple installation, the next step is to register and configure it to communicate with the manager. For more information about this process, please visit the document: user manual.

  1. Deployment:

You can automate the agent registration and configuration using variables. It is necessary to define at least the variable WAZUH_MANAGER. The agent will use this value to register and it will be the assigned manager for forwarding events.

# WAZUH_MANAGER="" rpm -ivh wazuh-agent-3.11.4-1.aix.ppc.rpm

See the following document for additional deployment options: deployment variables.


To uninstall the agent:

# rpm -e wazuh-agent

There are files marked as configuration files. Due to this designation, the package manager doesn't remove those files from the filesystem. The complete files removal action is a user responsibility. It can be done by removing the folder /var/ossec.