Prepare your Wazuh Lab Environment

The Learning Wazuh labs are built for use in a dedicated Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment. With some adjustments, you could certainly get the labs to work with other kinds of hosts, but these labs have been specifically tested to give a consistent end-user experience using EC2 instances in a dedicated VPC as described below. We recommend using this environment not only for learning but later for Wazuh-related testing as well.

The following steps will lead you through building the "Wazuh Lab" AWS VPC. You will then launch four EC2 instances to populate your new VPC with systems to interact with in the upcoming labs. Lastly, you will perform a basic installation of all needed Wazuh-related and Elastic-related applications. In the actual labs, you will configure and reconfigure the applications as you focus on one aspect after another of the Wazuh solution.