ossec-agentd state file

The statistical file for ossec-agentd is ossec-agentd.state and it's located under the Wazuh installation directory (/var/ossec/var/run/ossec-agentd.state).

This file provides information about the agent, like its current status or the number of generated events, among others. By default this file is updated every 5 seconds but this interval can be changed with the agent.state_interval variable in the internal_options.conf file. For further information please visit the internal configuration page.


The ossec-agentd.state statistical file is only available in agents.

Below you can see an example file:

# State file for ossec-agentd

# Agent status:
# - pending:      waiting for get connected.
# - connected:    connection established with manager in the last 10 seconds.
# - disconnected: connection lost or no ACK received in the last 10 seconds.

# Last time a keepalive was sent
last_keepalive='2018-08-21 12:11:21'

# Last time a control message was received
last_ack='2018-08-21 12:11:21'

# Number of generated events

# Number of messages (events + control messages) sent to the manager