Upgrading the Wazuh manager

This section describes how to upgrade the Wazuh manager to the latest available version, which includes upgrading to the latest compatible version of Open Distro for Elasticsearch or Elastic Stack basic licence.


In order to reduce server downtime, it is recommended to update the master node first


Root user privileges are required to execute all the commands described below.

To upgrade the Wazuh manager, choose the appropriate tab for the desired package manager:

  1. Import the GPG key:

    # rpm --import https://packages.wazuh.com/key/GPG-KEY-WAZUH
  2. Add the repository:

    # cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/wazuh.repo << EOF
    name=EL-$releasever - Wazuh
  1. Clean the YUM cache:

# yum clean all
  1. Upgrade the Wazuh manager to the latest version:

# yum upgrade wazuh-manager


The configuration file of the Wazuh manager will not be replaced in the updates if it has been modified, so the settings of the new capabilities will have to be added manually. More information can be found at the User manual.

If Wazuh runs in a multi-node cluster, it is necessary to update all Wazuh managers to the same version. Otherwise, Wazuh nodes will not join the cluster.

Disabling the Wazuh repository

It is recommended to disable the Wazuh repository in order to avoid undesired upgrades and compatibility issues:

# sed -i "s/^enabled=1/enabled=0/" /etc/yum.repos.d/wazuh.repo

Next step

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