Gcloud Python script

The Wazuh modules for Google Cloud are accessible through the var/ossec/wodles/gcloud/gcloud Python script. This script enables them to automatically fetch various types of events from Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Storage bucket services based on the configuration. It provides multiple options to manually fetch data and test the configuration as shown below:

# /var/ossec/wodles/gcloud/gcloud --help
usage: usage: gcloud.py [options]

Wazuh wodle for monitoring Google Cloud

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Supported integration types: ('pubsub', 'access_logs')
  -p PROJECT, --project PROJECT
                        Project ID
                        Subscription name
                        Path to credentials file
  -m MAX_MESSAGES, --max_messages MAX_MESSAGES
                        Number of maximum messages pulled in each iteration
  -l LOG_LEVEL, --log_level LOG_LEVEL
                        Log level
  -b BUCKET_NAME, --bucket_name BUCKET_NAME
                        The name of the bucket to read the logs from
  -P PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
                        The relative path to the logs
  -r, --remove          Remove processed blobs from the GCS bucket
  -o ONLY_LOGS_AFTER, --only_logs_after ONLY_LOGS_AFTER
                        Only parse logs after this date - format YYYY-MMM-DD
  -t N_THREADS, --num_threads N_THREADS
                        Number of threads
  --reparse             Parse the log, even if its been parsed before