4.3.9 Release notes - 13 October 2022

This section lists the changes in version 4.3.9. Every update of the Wazuh solution is cumulative and includes all enhancements and fixes from previous releases.

What's new

This release includes new features or enhancements as the following:

Wazuh agent

  • #14497 An obsolete Windows Audit SCA policy file is removed.

Wazuh Kibana plugin

  • Support for Kibana 7.17.6.

Wazuh Splunk app

  • Support for Splunk and 8.2.8.


  • #15067 The external protobuf Python dependency is updated to 3.19.6.

Resolved issues

This release resolves known issues as the following:

Wazuh agent




The remote policy detection in SCA is fixed.


Fixed the agent upgrade module settings parser. Now a default CA file is set.


More details about these changes are provided in the changelog of each component: