Wazuh indexer

This role is intended to deploy the Wazuh indexer to a specified node. The following variables can be used to customize the installation:

  • indexer_network_hosts: This defines the listening IP address (default:

  • indexer_http_port: This defines the listening port (default: 9200).

  • indexer_jvm_xms: This specifies the amount of memory to be used for java (default: null).

To use the role in a playbook, a YAML file wazuh-indexer.yml can be created with the contents below:

- hosts: indexer
  - wazuh-indexer

Custom variable definitions for different environments can be set. For example:

  • For a production environment, the variables can be saved in vars-production.yml:

    indexer_network_host: ''
  • For a development environment, the variables can be saved in vars-development.yml:

    indexer_network_host: ''

To run the playbook for a specific environment, the command below is run:

$ ansible-playbook wazuh-indexer.yml -e@vars-production.yml

The example above will install the Wazuh Indexer and set the listening address to: using vars-production.yml.

Please review the variables references section to see all variables available for this role.