Linux/Unix endpoint

The following steps serve as a guide on how to configure a Linux/Unix endpoint agent for automatic enrollment via the agent configuration method:

  1. Launch the terminal as a root user, edit the agent configuration file /var/ossec/etc/ossec.conf, and make the following changes:

    1. Include the Wazuh manager IP address or DNS name in the <client><server><address> section:


      This will allow the agent to connect to the Wazuh manager and automatically request a key.

    2. (Optional) Add enrollment parameters in the <client><enrollment> section.


    These agent enrollment parameters are optional, and they provide the agent with specific information that can be used during enrollment. Some common enrollment parameters can be seen below:

    • <agent_name>EXAMPLE_NAME</agent_name>: This specifies the name the agent should be enrolled as. When this is not specified, it defaults to the endpoint hostname.

    • <groups>GROUP1,GROUP2,GROUP3</groups>: This specifies the group(s) in which the agent should be added. An agent group is a collection of agents that would share the same configuration. This allows the manager to push configuration settings to a set of agents that belong to the same group. The agent enrollment will fail if a non-existent group is specified. Therefore, it is necessary to create the desired group on the manager before using the group parameter. Additional information on agent groups can be found here.

    More optional enrollment parameters and their usage can be found here.

  2. Restart the agent to make the changes effective.

    # systemctl restart wazuh-agent
  3. Select the “agents” tab to check for the newly enrolled agent, and its connection status in the Wazuh dashboard to confirm that enrollment was successful.