Installing dependencies


The integration with AWS S3 can be configured in the Wazuh manager (which also behaves as an agent) or directly in a Wazuh agent. This choice merely depends on how you decide to access your AWS infrastructure in your environment.


The Wazuh manager includes all dependencies installed, these steps are only necessary when configuring the integration in a Wazuh agent.


The AWS module requires Python 3. Specifically, it's compatible with Python 3.7–3.11. While later Python versions should work as well, we can't assure they are compatible.

# yum update && yum install python3

The required modules can be installed with Pip, the Python package manager. Most UNIX distributions have this tool available in their software repositories:

# yum update && yum install python3-pip

It is recommended to use a pip version greater than or equal to 19.3 to ease the installation of the required dependencies.

# pip3 install --upgrade pip

AWS client library for Python

Boto3 is the official package that Amazon supports to manage AWS resources. It's used to download the log messages from the AWS services that Wazuh supports. The AWS module is compatible with Boto3 versions Later Boto3 releases should be compatible although we cannot assure it.

To install the dependencies, execute the following command:

# pip3 install boto3==1.17.85 pyarrow==8.0.0 pyarrow_hotfix==0.5