Billing FAQ

When is my credit card charged?

Each environment is charged monthly, according to the environment's beginning date.

Is my credit card information safe?

Your credit card information is sent securely to our billing provider, Stripe, and stored there.

Where can I see the next payment for an environment?

Go to the See your billing cycle and history section to learn how to view the billing details of your environments.

What happens to my payments if I want to upgrade or downgrade a setting?

If you choose to upgrade a setting, you need to make an immediate prorated payment. The upgrade becomes effective immediately, albeit leading to an increased price for your environment. Conversely, when downgrading a setting, the change takes effect in the subsequent billing cycle, with your price adjusted accordingly. See Adjusting environment settings for further details.

How do I view previous receipts and billing history?

Go to the See your billing cycle and history section to learn how to download an overview of all invoices issued for your account.

How can I configure who receives receipts and billing notifications?

Go to Update billing and operational contacts section to learn how to configure who receives receipts and billing notifications.

What are the available payment methods on Wazuh Cloud?

Credit or debit card payments are supported. To learn more about Wazuh supported cards, see the certified payment processor list of card brands in the Stripe documentation.

Can I get a refund?

Charges are nonrefundable, but if you want to cease using an environment, you can cancel your environment anytime. No new charges are incurred beyond the current billing period. For any special considerations regarding a refund, contact us through the Help section of the Wazuh Cloud Console.

What is included in my Wazuh Cloud environment?

A full set-up of Wazuh, according to your setting, and a standard or premium support service.

How can I request more information?

You can contact the Wazuh team anytime through the Help section on your Wazuh Cloud Console.