Upgrade guide

This guide includes instructions to upgrade the Wazuh components.

Check the Compatibility matrix section to learn about the compatibility requirements between components.

Upgrade the Wazuh central components

The Wazuh central components section includes instructions to upgrade the Wazuh server, the Wazuh indexer, and the Wazuh dashboard.


Since Wazuh v4.6.0, we don't provide the Kibana plugin and Splunk app anymore. To integrate Wazuh with Elastic or Splunk, refer to our Integrations guide: Elastic, OpenSearch, and Splunk.

Upgrade the Wazuh agents

You can upgrade the Wazuh agents either remotely from the Wazuh manager or locally. Upgrading the Wazuh agents remotely is possible by using the agent_upgrade tool and the Wazuh API. See the Remote agent upgrade section to learn more.

To perform the upgrade locally, select your operating system and follow the instructions.