3.12.3 Release notes - 30 April 2020

This section lists the changes in version 3.12.3. More details about these changes are provided in each component changelog:

Wazuh core

  • Disabled WAL in databases handled by Wazuh DB to save disk space.

  • Fixed a bug in Remoted that could prevent agents from connecting in UDP mode.

  • Fixed a bug in the shared library that caused that daemons could not find the ossec group.

  • Prevented Syscollector from falling into an infinite loop when failed to collect the Windows hotfixes.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the system scan by Rootcheck on Windows.

  • Fixed a bug in Logcollector that caused that the out_format option did not apply for the targeted agent.

  • Fixed a bug that caused FIM could not handle large inode numbers correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that made ossec-dbd crash due to a bad mutex initialization.

Wazuh Kibana App

  • Support for Wazuh v3.12.3

Wazuh Splunk

  • Support for Wazuh v3.12.3