3.13.0 Release notes - 22 June 2020

This section lists the changes in version 3.13.0. More details about these changes are provided in each component changelog:

Wazuh core


  • Included the NVD as a feed for Linux agents in vulnerability detector.

  • Improved the vulnerability detector engine to correlate alerts between different feeds.

  • Added vulnerability detector module unit testing for Unix source code.

  • Added a timeout to the updates of the vulnerability detector's feeds to prevent hangings.

  • Added option for the JSON decoder to choose the treatment of array structures.

  • Added mode value (real-time, Who-data, or scheduled) as a dynamic field in FIM alerts.

  • Added a field to configure the maximum files to be monitored by the FIM module.

  • New module to pull and process logs from Google Cloud Pub/Sub service.

  • Added support for mapping rules with MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • Added as a dependency Microsoft's Software Update Catalog used by vulnerability detector.

  • Added support for aarch64 and armhf architectures.


  • Decreased event fetching delay from 10 miliseconds to 5 miliseconds in FIM modes real-time and whodata (rt_delay).

  • Who-data includes new fields: process CWD, parent process id, and CWD of parent process.

  • FIM now allows to rename/delete files while calculating their hash.

  • Extended the statics fields comparison in the ruleset options.

  • The state field has been removed from vulnerability alerts.

  • The NVD is now the primary feed for the vulnerability detector in Linux.

  • Removed OpenSCAP policies installation and configuration block.

  • Changed same/different_systemname for same/different_system_name in Analysisd static filters.

  • Updated the internal Python interpreter from v3.7.2 to v3.8.2.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally, kept the memory reserved when deleting monitored directories in FIM.

  • Fixed and issue regarding inotify watchers allocation when modifying directories in FIM real-time.

  • Fixed an error that caused the alerts deletion with a wrong path in Who-data mode.

  • Fixed an issue that did not generate alerts in Who-data mode when a subdirectory was added to the monitored directory in Windows.

  • Avoided the truncation of the full log field of the alert when the path is too long.

  • When there is a failure setting policies in Windows, FIM will automatically change from Who-data to real-time mode.

  • Fixed an error that prevented from restarting Windows agents from the manager.

  • Fixed an error that did not allow the usage of the tag URL by configuring the NVD in a vulnerability detector module.

  • Fixed TOCTOU condition in Clusterd when merging agent-info files.

  • Fixed race condition in Analysisd when handling accumulated events.

  • Avoided to count links when generating alerts for ignored directories in Rootcheck.

  • Fixed typo in the path used for logging when disabling an account.

  • Fixed an error when receiving different Syslog events in the same TCP packet.

  • Fixed a bug in vulnerability detector on Modulesd when comparing Windows software versions.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an agent's disconnection time not to be displayed correctly.

  • Optimized the function to obtain the default gateway.

  • Fixed host verification when signing a certificate for the manager.

  • Fixed possible duplicated ID on client.keys adding new agent through the API with a specific ID.

  • Avoid duplicate descriptors using wildcards in localfile configuration.

  • Guaranteed that all processes are killed when service stops.

  • Fixed mismatch in integration scripts when the debug flag is set to active.

Wazuh Kibana App


  • Support for Wazuh v3.13.0.

  • Support for Kibana v7.7.1

  • Support for Open Distro 1.8

  • Added new navigation experience with a global menu.

  • Added a breadcrumb in Kibana top nav.

  • Added a new Agents Summary Screen.

  • Added a new feature to add sample data to dashboards.

  • Added MITRE integration.

  • Added Google Cloud Platform integration.

  • Added TSC integration.

  • Added a new integrity monitoring state view for agent.

  • Added a new integrity monitoring files detail view.

  • Added a new component to explore compliance requirements.


  • Code migration to React.js.

  • Global review of styles.

  • Unified Overview and Agent dashboards into new Modules.

  • Changed vulnerabilities' dashboard visualizations.


  • Fixed Open Distro tenants to be functional.

  • Improved navigation performance.

  • Avoid creating the wazuh-monitoring index pattern if it is disabled.

  • SCA checks without compliance field could not be expanded.

Wazuh API


  • Added new API requests:
    • GET/mitre

    • GET/rules/mitre

    • GET/rules/tsc

  • Added new filters in request GET/rules:
    • mitre: Filters the rules by mitre requirement.

    • tsc: Filters the rules by tsc requirement.


  • Increased the maximum allowed size of the files to be uploaded from 1MB to 10MB. This change applies to:

    • POST /manager/files

    • POST /cluster/:node_id/files

    • POST /agents/groups/:group_id/configuration

    • POST /agents/groups/:group_id/files/:file_name

Wazuh ruleset


  • Added rules and decoders for macOS sshd logs.

  • Added TSC/SOC compliance mapping.

  • Added rules and decoders for PaloAlto logs.

  • Added rules and decoder to monitor the FIM database status.

  • Added rules for WAF.


  • Changed description of vulnerability detector rules.

  • Changed squid decoders.


  • Fixed the provider name so that Windows Eventlog's logs match with the Wazuh rules.

  • Fixed static filters related to the system_name field.

  • Removed trailing whitespaces in the group name section of the ruleset.

  • Removed invalid zeroes from rules id.

Wazuh Splunk

  • Support for Wazuh v3.13.0