Deploying Wazuh agents on AIX systems

The agent runs on the host you want to monitor and communicates with the Wazuh manager, sending data in near real time through an encrypted and authenticated channel.

The deployment of a Wazuh agent on an AIX system uses deployment variables that facilitate the task of installing, registering, and configuring the agent.

  1. To start the deployment process, download the AIX installer.

  2. To deploy the Wazuh agent to your system, edit the WAZUH_MANAGER variable so that it contains the Wazuh manager IP address or hostname.

    # WAZUH_MANAGER="" rpm -ivh wazuh-agent-4.2.5-1.aix.ppc.rpm

    For additional deployment options such as agent name, agent group, and registration password, see Deployment variables for AIX section.


    Alternatively, if you want to install an agent without registering it, omit the deployment variables. To learn more about the different registration methods, see the Registering Wazuh agents section.

  3. To complete the installation process, start the Wazuh agent.

    # startsrc -s wazuh-agent

The deployment process is now complete and the Wazuh agent is successfully running on your AIX system.

Uninstall a Wazuh agent

To uninstall the agent, run the following command:

# rpm -e wazuh-agent

Some files are not removed from the filesystem by the package manager. If you want to completely remove all files, delete the /var/ossec folder.

The Wazuh agent is now completely removed from your AIX system