Here is a list of terms related to Wazuh Cloud.

Cloud Console

The Wazuh Cloud Console provides web-based access to manage your Wazuh Cloud environments.

Cloud ID

The Cloud ID is a unique ID for your environment on Wazuh Cloud. It is used for multiple purposes, such as Wazuh WUI access or the agent registration process.


An environment is a deployment that contains all the Wazuh components ready to use and running on Wazuh Cloud.

Archive data

Formerly known as cold storage, it's the data containing the output generated by Wazuh, such as alerts and archives. It's an AWS S3 bucket to store your logs for a longer time and meet compliance requirements.

Indexed data

Formerly known as hot storage, it's the data available on the Wazuh dashboard corresponding to the information indexed by Wazuh. This information is available as soon as Wazuh ingests and indexes the events sent by the agents, making the data searchable and analyzable.

Indexed data is calculated using the primary shards of wazuh-* indices.


The concept of a tier, which represents the size limitation, in bytes, of the indexed data (formerly known as hot storage), is no longer used. It has been replaced by the indexed data capacity setting.


In the context of Wazuh Cloud, a setting refers to each configuration option available for a cloud environment. These settings determine the limitations, functionalities, and pricing of an environment.


A profile refers to predefined settings that you can choose from when configuring your Wazuh Cloud environment. We have three profiles available: Small, Medium, and Large. These profiles are designed to simplify the process by providing preconfigured settings that cater to different needs and requirements. If none of the predefined profiles meet your specific requirements, you can configure your settings individually.


A region is a geographic area where the data center of the cloud provider that hosts your environment is located. The region you select cannot be changed after you create an environment. If you are not sure what to pick, choose a region that is geographically close to you to reduce latency.

Available regions:

  • North Virginia: us-east-1

  • Ohio: us-east-2

  • London: eu-west-2

  • Frankfurt: eu-central-1

  • Mumbai: ap-south-1

  • Singapore: ap-southeast-1

  • Sydney: ap-southeast-2

  • Canada: ca-central-1

Wazuh Cloud API

The Wazuh Cloud API is an application programming interface used to interact with Wazuh Cloud. The Wazuh Cloud API is used, for example, to provide access to an environment's archive data.

Wazuh Cloud CLI

The Wazuh Cloud Command Line Interface is a tool that enables you to interact with Wazuh Cloud using commands in your command-line shell.