Installing the Wazuh server using the assistant

Install the Wazuh server as a single-node or multi-node cluster with the aid of the Wazuh installation assistant. The Wazuh server is in charge of analyzing the data received from the agents and triggering alerts when threats or anomalies are detected. This central component includes the Wazuh manager and Filebeat.

Wazuh server cluster installation

  1. Download the Wazuh installation assistant.

    # curl -sO
  2. Run the assistant with the option --wazuh-server followed by the node name to install the Wazuh server. The node name must be the same one used in config.yml for the initial configuration, for example, wazuh-1.


    Make sure that a copy of the wazuh-install-files.tar, created during the initial configuration step, is placed in your working directory.

    # bash --wazuh-server wazuh-1

Your Wazuh server is now successfully installed.

Next steps

The Wazuh server installation is now complete, and you can proceed with installing the Wazuh dashboard. To perform this action, see the Installing the Wazuh dashboard using the assistant section.