4.0.1 Release notes - 11 November 2020

This section lists the changes in version 4.0.1. More details about these changes are provided in the changelog of each component:

Wazuh core



  • Updated Python cryptography library to version 3.2.1.



  • Added missing agent:group resource to the RBAC catalog. This prevented the Wazuh Kibana plugin from obtaining the correct information from the RBAC catalog.

  • Changed limit parameter behavior in GET sca/{agent_id}/checks/{policy_id} endpoint and fixed some information loss when paginating wdb.

  • Fixed an error with GET /security/users/me when logged in with run_as. This endpoint must return the permissions and information of the user who makes the request. However, when the user was authenticated through auth_context, this endpoint did not return the permissions granted by this method.


  • Fixed zip files compression and handling in cluster integrity synchronization.


  • Fixed version matching when assigning a feed in the Vulnerability Detector.

  • Improved permissions on Windows agent. Users with limited privileges will now be unable to read the contents of the Wazuh agent folder.

  • Fixed a bug that may lead the agent to crash when reading an invalid Logcollector configuration.

Wazuh Kibana plugin


  • Support for Wazuh v4.0.1.


  • Fixed icons that did not align correctly in Modules > Events.

  • Fixed statistics visualizations that did not show data.

  • Fixed error on loading CSS files.

  • Fixed search filter in the search bar in Module/SCA that was not working.

Wazuh ruleset


  • Removed duplicated Windows rules for EventChannel. These extra rules were preventing certain events from triggering alerts.