4.1.1 Release notes - 25 February 2021

This section lists the changes in version 4.1.1. More details about these changes are provided in the changelog of each component:

Wazuh core


External dependencies

  • Added cython (0.29.21) library to Python dependencies.

  • Added xmltodict (0.12.0) library to Python dependencies.


External dependencies

  • Upgraded Python version from 3.8.2 to 3.8.6.

  • Upgraded Cryptography python library from 3.2.1 to 3.3.2.

  • Upgraded cffi python library from 1.14.0 to 1.14.4.


  • Added raw parameter to GET /manager/configuration and GET cluster/{node_id}/configuration endpoints to load ossec.conf in XML format.



  • An error with the RBAC permissions in the GET /groups endpoint.

  • A bug with Windows registries when parsing backslashes.

  • An error with the RBAC permissions when assigning multiple agent:group resources to a policy.

  • An error with search parameters when using special characters.

AWS Module

  • A bug that caused an error when attempting to use an IAM Role with CloudWatchLogs service.


  • A race condition bug when using RBAC expand_group function.

  • The migration process to overwrite default RBAC policies.


  • A bug in the Windows agent that did not respect the buffer EPS limit.

  • A bug in Integratord that might lose alerts from Analysisd due to a race condition.

  • Silenced the error message when the Syslog forwarder reads an alert with no rule object.

  • A memory leak in Vulnerability Detector when updating NVD feeds.

  • Prevented FIM from raising false positives about group name changes due to a thread unsafe function.



  • Deprecated /manager/files and /cluster/{node_id}/files endpoints.

Wazuh Kibana plugin


  • New prompt to show unsupported module for the selected agent.

  • Added an X-Frame-Options header to the backend responses.


  • Added toast with refresh button when new fields are loaded in dashboard.

  • Migrated the Wazuh API endpoints for manager and cluster files and their corresponding RBAC.

  • Enhanced generic statusCode error message to be more user friendly.


  • A login error when AWS Elasticsearch and ODFE are used.

  • An error message that was displayed when changing a group configuration even when the user had the right permissions.

  • Disabled switch visual edit button when JSON content is empty in Role Mapping.

  • Disappearing menu and blank content when an unsupported agent (OS) is selected.

  • Forcing a non-numeric filter value in a number type field applying a filter in the search bar of dashboards and events.

  • Wrong number of alerts that were shown in Security Events.

  • Search using uncommon characters in Management groups of agents.

  • The SCA policy stats that did not refresh.

  • AWS index fields loading even when no AWS alerts were found.

  • Date fields format in FIM and SCA modules.

  • Recurrent error message in Manage agents when the user has no permissions.

  • An issue that prevented from editing empty rules and decoders files that already existed in the Wazuh manager.

  • Support for alerts index pattern with different IDs and names.

  • The unpin button in the selection modal of agents in the menu.

  • Close Wazuh API session when logging out from UI.

  • Missing && in macOS agent deployment command.

  • Prompt permissions on Mitre > Framework and Integrity monitoring > Inventory.