Wazuh dashboard

This central component is a flexible and intuitive web interface for mining, analyzing, and visualizing security data. It provides out-of-the-box dashboards, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through the user interface.

With the Wazuh dashboard, users can visualize security events, detected vulnerabilities, file integrity monitoring data, configuration assessment results, cloud infrastructure monitoring events, and regulatory compliance standards. If you want to learn more about the Wazuh components, see the Getting started section.

Check the requirements below and choose an installation method to start installing the Wazuh dashboard.


Check the supported operating systems and the recommended hardware requirements for the Wazuh dashboard installation. Make sure that your system environment meets all requirements and that you have root user privileges.

Hardware requirements

The Wazuh dashboard can be installed on a dedicated node or along with the Wazuh indexer.

  • Hardware recommendations




    RAM (GB)

    CPU (cores)

    RAM (GB)

    CPU (cores)

    Wazuh dashboard





Browser compatibility

Wazuh dashboard supports the following web browsers:

  • Chrome 95 or later

  • Firefox 93 or later

  • Safari 13.7 or later

Other Chromium-based browsers might also work. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.