Proof of Concept guide

The Proof of Concept (PoC) guide explores how to set up the Wazuh environment to test or demo the different product capabilities. Each PoC represents real-world scenarios that users can deploy using specific configurations. In addition, further information is provided to verify the feasibility of the product on how to generate and query the alerts, and the affected endpoints resulting from each PoC.


You need to have these components already installed and running to test the PoCs.

  • The Wazuh central components: server, indexer, and dashboard

  • A Wazuh agent running on a Ubuntu 20 LTS system

  • A Wazuh agent running on a Windows system

For an easy installation and setup of the Wazuh central components, we recommend downloading our ready-to-use OVA, launching an EC2 Instance with our AMI, or using the Wazuh installation assistant.

For more information on how to install the Wazuh components, see the Installation guide. Note that a Wazuh agent cannot be installed on the same machine as the Wazuh manager.