Monitoring files at specific intervals

Compliance with regulatory standards and laws, such as PCI DSS, requires monitoring access and detecting changes to:

  • Critical files

  • Configuration files

  • Content files

This is important for protecting an organization's critical assets and data and detecting potential security breaches.

You can run scheduled scans with the FIM module to detect file modifications. In this example, the file is user_details.txt, and you schedule FIM to scan the file every 5 minutes.

Use case description



macOS Monterey

The FIM module monitors a file on this endpoint within specific intervals.


Perform the following steps to configure the FIM module to monitor a user_details.txt file every 5 minutes.

  1. Create a text file user_details.txt and save it in the Documents directory.

  2. Edit the Wazuh agent /var/ossec/etc/ossec.conf configuration file and add the user_details.txt file for monitoring:

  3. Restart the Wazuh agent to apply the configuration:

    /Library/Ossec/bin/wazuh-control restart

Test the configuration

  1. Modify the user_details.txt file and wait for 5 minutes which is the time configured for the FIM scan.

Visualize the alert

Navigate to File Integrity Monitoring on the Wazuh dashboard to view the alert generated when the FIM module detects changes to the user_details.txt file.

Changes to the user_details.txt file