4.1.0 Release notes - 15 February 2021

This section lists the changes in version 4.1.0. More details about these changes are provided in the changelog of each component:


  • Added support for regular expressions negation and PCRE2 format in rules and decoders.

  • New ruleset test module managed by the analysis daemon allowing testing sessions of rules and decoders.

  • New upgrade module that provides simultaneous agent upgrades in a single node or cluster architecture.

  • The Vulnerability Detector now supports macOS agents. These agents must be updated to 4.1 to scan vulnerabilities.

  • Support for AWS load balancers logs: Application Load Balancer, Classic Load Balancer, and Network Load Balancer.

  • Removed the limit on the number of agents a manager can support.

  • New endpoints to query and manage Rootcheck data.

  • Support for Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.12.0.

  • Support for Elastic Stack basic license 7.10.0 and 7.10.2.

Wazuh core



  • Negation logic for rules.

  • Support for PCRE2 regular expressions in rules and decoders.

  • New ruleset test module managed by the analysis daemon allowing testing sessions of rules and decoders.

  • New upgrade module that provides simultaneous agent upgrades in a single node or cluster architecture. WPK upgrade functionality has been moved to this module.

  • New task module that collects and manages all the upgrade tasks executed in the agents or managers.

  • Let the time interval to detect that an agent got disconnected configurable. Deprecate parameter DISCON_TIME.

  • Vulnerability Detector support for macOS.

  • Capability to perform FIM on values in the Windows Registry.


  • New endpoints to query and manage rootcheck data.

  • New endpoint to check task status.

  • New endpoints to run the logtest tool and delete a logtest session.

  • debug2 mode for API log and improved debug mode.

AWS module

  • Support for AWS load balancers logs: Application Load Balancer, Classic Load Balancer, and Network Load Balancer.


  • New framework modules to use the logtest tool.

  • Improved q parameter on rules, decoders, and cdb-lists modules to allow multiple nested fields.



  • Removed limit on the number of agents that a manager can support.

  • Migration of rootcheck results to Wazuh DB to remove the files with the results of each agent.

  • New mechanism to close RIDS files when agents are disconnected.

  • Moved CA configuration section to verify WPK signatures from the active-response section to the agent-upgrade section.

  • The ossec-logtest tool is deprecated and replaced by wazuh-logtest, which uses a new testing service integrated in Analysisd.

  • Modified the error message to debug when multiple daemons attempt to remove an agent simultaneously.

  • Replaced the error message with a warning when the agent fails to reach a module.


  • The status parameter behavior in the DELETE /agents endpoint to enhance security.

  • Allow agent upgrade endpoints to accept a list of agents, maximum 100 agents per request.

  • Improved input validation regexes for names and array_names.


  • Refactored framework to work with the new upgrade module.

  • Refactored agent upgrade CLI to work with the new upgrade module. It distributes petitions in a clustered environment.

  • Rule and decoder details structure to support PCRE2.

  • Refactored framework to adapt agent status changes in wazuh.db.

  • Improved the performance of AWS Config integration by removing alert fields with variables such as Instance ID in its name.



  • An error in analysisd when getting the ossec group ID.

  • Prevented FIM from reporting configuration error when patterns in settings match no files.

  • The array parsing when building JSON alerts.

  • Added Firefox ESR to the CPE helper to distinguish it from Firefox when looking for vulnerabilities.

  • The evaluation of packages from external sources with the official vendor feeds in Vulnerability Detector.

  • The handling of duplicated tags in the Vulnerability Detector configuration.

  • The validation of hotfixes gathered by Syscollector.

  • The reading of the Linux OS version when /etc/os-release does not provide it.

  • A false positive when comparing the minor target of CentOS packages in Vulnerability Detector.

  • A zombie process leaks in modulesd when using commands without a timeout.

  • A race condition in Remoted that might create agent-group files with wrong permissions.

  • A warning log in Wazuh DB when upgrading the global database.

  • A bug in FIM on Windows that caused false positives due to changes in the host timezone or the daylight saving time when monitoring files in a FAT32 filesystem.


  • An error with /groups/{group_id}/config endpoints (GET and PUT) when using complex localfile configurations.


  • A cluster_control bug that caused an error message when running wazuh-clusterd in foreground.

Wazuh Kibana plugin


  • Check the Kibana max buckets config by default in health-check and increase them.

  • A warning in the role mapping section if the run_as setting is disabled.

  • A label to indicate that the wui_ rules only apply to the wazuh-wui API user.


  • Adapted the Wazuh Kibana plugin to the new Kibana platform.

  • Wazuh config directory moved from /usr/share/kibana/optimize to /usr/share/kibana/data Kibana directory.

  • Support on FIM Inventory Windows Registry for the new scheme with registry_key and registry_value from syscheck.

  • Uncheck agents after an action in agents groups management.

  • Unsave rule files when editing or creating a rule with invalid content.

  • Replaced Wazuh API user with wazuh-wui in the default configuration.

  • Add agent id to the reports name in Agent Inventory and Modules.

  • Allow access to the Agents section with agent:group resource permission.

  • Added vulnerabilities module for macOS agents.


  • Server error Invalid token specified: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined.

  • Show empty rules and decoders files.

  • Wrong hover texts in CDB list actions.

  • Access to forbidden agents information when exporting agents list.

  • The complex search using the Wazuh API query filter in search bars.

  • Validation to check if userPermissions are not ready yet.

  • Agents table OS field sorting: Changed agents table field os_name to os.name,os.version to make it sortable.

  • Different parsed datetime between agent detail and agents overview table.

  • An error with the agents status pie chart tooltip that did not display the number of agents on the first hover.

  • Menu crash when Solaris agents are selected.

  • Report's creation dates set to 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z in some OS.

  • Missing commands for Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS on the Deploy new agent section.

  • Different hours displayed on Alerts List section in some dashboards.

  • Permissions to access agents when policy agent:read is set.

  • SCA permissions for agents views and dashboards.

  • Settings of statistics indices creation that did not work properly.

Wazuh ruleset


  • The ruleset update tool is now able to bypass the version check with the force option.

  • New AWS Config-History rules to make it more granular by including every item status supported.

  • Several hundred new SCA policies for various operating systems.


  • FIM rules have been adapted to the improvements for Windows Registry monitoring.


  • Updated MITRE techniques in web rules.

  • Sonicwall predecoder to accept whitespaces at the beginning.