Installing Wazuh agents on Solaris endpoints

The agent runs on the host you want to monitor and communicates with the Wazuh manager, sending data in near real-time through an encrypted and authenticated channel.

To start the installation process, select your architecture: i386 or SPARC.


You need root user privileges to run all the commands described below.

Select your Solaris Intel version.

  1. Download the Wazuh agent for Solaris 10 i386 package.

  2. Install the Wazuh agent.

    # pkgadd -d wazuh-agent_v4.8.0-sol10-i386.pkg wazuh-agent

The installation process is now complete, and the Wazuh agent is successfully installed on your Solaris endpoint. The next step is to register and configure the agent to communicate with the Wazuh server. To perform this action, see the Wazuh agent enrollment section.