Upgrading Wazuh agents on Windows systems

Follow these steps to upgrade Wazuh agents locally on Windows systems. If you want to perform a remote upgrade, check the Remote agent upgrade section to learn more.


To perform the agent upgrade, administrator privileges are required.

  1. Download the latest Windows installer.

  2. Run the Windows installer by using the command line interface (CLI) or the graphical user interface (GUI).

    To upgrade the Wazuh agent from the command line, run the installer using Windows PowerShell or the command prompt. The /q argument is used for unattended installations.

    # .\wazuh-agent-4.8.1-1.msi /q


When upgrading agents from versions earlier than 4.x, make sure that the communication protocol is compatible. Up to that point, UDP was the default protocol and it was switched to TCP for later versions. Edit the agent configuration file ossec.conf to update the protocol or make sure that your Wazuh manager accepts both protocols.